1923 Motorcycles in a Nutshell

Motorcycles in a Nutshell Book Capt S Bramley-Moore  1923 (Reprinted in the UK 2017)

Vintage Motorcycle Manual

184 pages and Numerous illustrations AJS, JAP, Scott, Triumph, FN, Indian, James, Douglas, Caburettors Zenith, Claudet-Hobson, B & B, Douglas, Amac, Magnetos ML. Scintilla, Lucas, 

The Petrol Engine, Construction of the Engine

The Timing of the Valves, Engine Lubrication

The Two Stroke Engine, Carburettor, Magneto

Clutch, Gearbox, Frame and Brakes

Sidecars, Lighting, Hints on Driving

Tuning up the Machine, Faults and Troubles



Format: Paperback


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