1906 Motorcycle Building

Motor Bicycle Building 1906 by Paul Hasluck 

160 pages  137 Diagrams


This Veteran Motorcycle book is full of useful and detailed advice on building a pioneer motorcycle from scratch.  


‘The first thing to do will be to make a full-size working drawing on the wall or floor of the workshop where it will not readily be rubbed out.’

Introduction Buying a motorcycle in the early 20th century was a comparatively expensive business and reserved for the wealthier in society. For example, a Harley Davidson cost $200 in 1903 when the average wage was just 22¢ per hour: this was equivalent to two years wages for many people. Realising that many people had the skills to build their own motorcycle but not the cash to buy one, Paul Hasluck wrote “Motor Bicycle Building” in 1906.


Format: Hardback


Price: £17.99


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