Villiers 31C 2L 3L 9E 10E 11E 31A 33A 34A 35A 36A 37A Maintenance Manual

Reprinted (not a photocopy) Villiers MK 2L 3L 9-11E 31A B 32-37A models 1955 on Maintenance Manual

Published by Norton Villiers including lists of specs and nice (57) diagrams. The book is new (ie. printed a few years ago). 15 x 22 cm 80 pages of info on these engines

Contents Technical Data

Introduction, Decarbonising

Major Overhaul, Examination of Components

Engine and Gearbox Reassembly

Mark 9E Competition Engine, Mark 9E Kart Engines

Fan Cooled Engines with a Kickstarter

Siba Dynastart Maintenance and Overhaul

Siba Test Data and Procedure, Villiers Carburetters

Amal Type 389 Carburetter, Tracing Troubles

Siba Dynastart Fault Finding


Format: Paperback


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