Triumph T160 Parts Catalogue 1975

Triumph T160 Trident Replacement Parts Catalogue for 1975 Model   Original Triumph Parts Book

Published by Norton Triumph International Ltd, Kitts Green, Birmingham and Printed by Warwick Printing Company ( The Original Triumph Printers), on glossy paper.

Part number 00-5754

96 pages  28cm x 21.5 cm

 Air Filter, Alternator, Auto Advance, Bulbs, Battery Carrier, Brake Switches, Brake Unit, Brake Pedal, Brake Pads, Brake Pipes, Brake Master Cylinder, Camshaft, Inlet and Exhaust,  Carburettors,  Center Stand, Chains, Chaincase, Clutch, Clutch, Coil, Condenser Pack, Connecting Rods, Control Cables, Controls, Contact Breaker, Crankcase, Crankshaft, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Direction Indicators, Engine Plates, Exhaust Pipes, Electrical Equipment, Exhaust Pipe Adaptor, Footrests, Fenders, Foot Pegs, Frame, Front Brake, Front Forks, Front Wheel, Gas Tank, Gearbox Shift Mechanism, Gear Indicator Switch, Handlebars, Handlebar Mountings, Headlite, Heat Sink, Horn, Ignition Switch, Kickstarter, Master Cylinder,  Mufflers, Numerical Index, Oil Pump, Oil Tank, Oil Cooler, Oil Filter, Oversize Parts, Prop Stand, Pistons, Push Rods, Pillion Footpegs,  Rear Wheel, Rear Lite, resr Brake, Rectifier, Rockers, Rocker Box, release Valve, Side Panels, Side Stand, Spark Plugs, Speedometer, Speedo Gearbox, Steering Head Bearings, Suspension Units, Swinging Forks Rear,  Switches (Handlebar), Starter Motor, Tachometer, Tachometer Drive Unit, Tappets, Timing Gears, Toolkit, Transmission (gearbox), Valves, Valve Guides, Valve Springs, Warning Lites, Wiring Harness., Zener Diode.    


Format: Paperback


Price: £19.99


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