Triumph 1937 1938 139 1940 Instruction Manual

Triumph Instruction Manual 1937, 1938, 1939 & 1940

5T, T100, T80, T70, 6S, 5H, 5S and 5E, 3H, 3S and 3SE, 2H and 2HC     

48 pages plus Technical Information Chart    Reprinted in England

Bicycle Parts, Brakes, Carburetter, Chains, Changing the Oil, Controls, Decarbonising, Engine Breather, Faults, Front Fork Adjustment, Gearbox, Lubrication, Magdyno, Maintenance, OHV Rocker Lubrication, Oil Leakage, Petrol Tap, Plugs, Pressure Gauge, Primary Chaincase, Recommended Lubricants, Riding Position, Running In, Starting Up, steering Head Adjustment, Taking Over the Machine, Taking Over the Machine, Tappet Adjustment, Twist Grip, Tyres, Tyre Pressures, Valve Grinding, Valve Timing, Wheels.  


Format: Paperback


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