Ariel Leader Arrow and Golden Arrow Workshop Manual

Ariel Arrow and Leader Workshop Manual Based on Original Comprehensive Book 6th edition 1964        Reprinted in England 2017

240 pages 25 cm x 18.5 cm   Many Photos

Sectional Index, Technical Data, Lubrication Charts, Worksop Manual, Wiring Diagram, Tracing Troubles, Service Tools, Proprietary Manufacturers, Optional Extras, Alphabetical Index, Sports Arrow.  Engine, Gearbox, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Handlebar, Dual Seat, Tail Section, Petrol Tank, Rear Fork, Footrests, Centre Stand, Exhaust Pipes and Silencers, Dismantling, Reassembling, Panniers, Electrical Equipment


Format: Paperback


Price: £19.99


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